Thank you for visiting our website for your everyday occasions. Due to the shortage of flowers, we have modified our site at the discretion of the designer. If you want add certain colors into your purchase notes, we will try to get as close as possible. Also, you may add if you would like tall and dramatic design or short and clustered design. As we provide same day delivery, please note that we complete orders as quickly as possible. Please bear with us as we deliver all guaranteed orders prior to closing. Thank you. Please know that all Walton County School Students are NOT ALLOWED deliveries, no matter if they are a car driver. WE WILL BE CLOSED FOR THANKSGIVING DAY AND OUR GIFT SHOP WILL BE OPEN FOR BLACK FRIDAY BUT NOT OUR FLORAL DEPARTMENT.

Mariana Jewelry

New Arrival. Mariana Jewelry. Handmade in Israel. Dazzling hand-cut gemstones, exquisite Swarovski crystals, some new, some over a hundred years old...handmade fabric beads. Plated in gold or silver(nickel free) with the exception of yellow gold matte finish. LIFETIME GUARANTEE

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